This project is dedicated to my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Wexler, who always gave us so much current news to read!


The New England News is a project that seeks to create a simple electronic newspaper that is built using Intellitools Classroom Suite.  For right now, the goal is bi-monthly issues. The first step is working towards a solid template so that others can write articles and submit!  Right now, there is an Intellipics Edition and a PDF Edition.  We are working towards having 4 Blocks follow up activities as well as script builders for each issue.


Project Vision



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Please excuse the wiki's as we are relocating to wikispaces due to the ability to have 2 GB of data, rather than 10MB per wiki.  We love pb wiki, but enjoy the convienence of space on our wikispace!




This project holds the utmost respect for the excellent News-2-You weekly publication. found at .**